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Until You Know Your Purpose, You Cannot Live the Life You Love

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Scottsdale, AZ The goal setting season is fast upon us. Does that thought leave you with a feeling of disappointment because of past goals, set and forgotten? Or…have you set and achieved innumerable goals and succeed at a career but still question what your life is all about? Until you discover your purpose and how to act on it, according to author and speaker Margaret Merrill, you will live a life where you constantly feel frustrated and uninspired. In Live the Life You Love, Discover Your Purpose and Live It with Intention (Morgan James Publishing, 2007), Merrill shares the story of her quest for purpose and guides the reader in finding purpose and living it.

Margaret Merrill’s vision is to help others discover their purposes and live them with intention. But discovering her own purpose wasn’t easy. In fact, it took several years and life changes. Now Merrill wants to share the lessons she learned on her path of discovery with others, so they might more easily figure out what matters most to them.

“Too many people live their lives following someone else’s agenda,” Merrill says. “They wonder where they’re headed, and why, but aren’t sure how to find the right direction. Even those who believe they know what their values are may find, on exploration, that those values are their parents’ values, or their bosses,’ not theirs.”

In Live the Life You Love, Discover Your Purpose and Live It with Intention, Merrill as author becomes a trusted friend, providing concise, easy to understand instructions and exercises for determining purpose.
Merrill, who has worked for several years with master communicator and success trainer Bob Proctor, believes that purpose comes directly from values, so she starts there. “As I worked with Bob’s clients, many of whom were very successful and skilled at setting and achieving goals, I realized one missing step was that of determining their purpose. So I set about writing a guide to discovering and acting on your purpose to live a meaningful life.”

Live the Life You Love tells the story of Margaret Merrill’s quest for purpose. A lifetime of interest in other cultures, including teaching for 23 years on the Navajo reservation, has led her to work with Navajo tribal leaders to establish a center for Navajo cultural preservation, traditional healing and culturally based substance abuse prevention programs on a ranch she owns near Albuquerque, New Mexico. In addition, she continues to coach others on purposeful living through speaking engagements and individual coaching. She also coaches others who wish to teach her principles.

The book guides readers from values discovery to finding natural talents and gifts into determining how to turn those into purposeful businesses and projects. “People who know their purpose move forward with confidence and joy, achieving the goals they set and finding the prosperity they seek. Those who don’t, flounder.”

More information on Live the Life You Love and Margaret Merrill is available at www.FulfillYourPurpose.com.

About Margaret Merrill:

Margaret Merrill is the owner of New Vision Seminars, Scottsdale, Arizona. An author, speaker and life coach, Merrill works with individuals who want to determine their purpose and move forward with intention and direction in their lives.




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