Margaret Merrill


You Always Wanted to Make A Difference In The World.

Somehow You’ve Gotten Caught Up in Only Making a Living.
And You Sadly Wonder...

“Is this all there is to life?”


You Crave Meaning, Purpose AND Prosperity.
But Just How Do You Go About Aligning Your Passions
With Your Livelihood?



Read On To See How a Teacher and Single Mom From New York Created a Powerful Process That Transformed Her Life From Apathy to Adventure.


She Shares This Proven Purpose Process in Her Book and Now Adds To It Every Support You Need to Create Values-Based Businesses That Brilliantly Generate Income, Service and Benefits By Integrating the For-Profit and Not-For-Profit Business Sectors.


This Values-Led Business Model Has Been Successfully Demonstrated Through Margaret’s Oso Vista Ranch Project and Also by Ice Cream Giants Ben and Jerry.


Both have Integrated Social Consciousness into Their Global Business Plans.


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“Over the past few years I have watched her do everything she is suggesting you do and, at times, did it under a fairly adverse set of circumstances. 


However, regardless of how tough things appeared, this lady kept her attitude in check, kept a smile on her face and kept going. 


Margaret Merrill is an excellent mother and a great business woman.  She is living proof that the ideas you are about to study lead to the good life.”

Bob Proctor
International Best-Selling Author and Speaker


Listen as Coach Camille Interviews Margaret on the Fascinating Impact That Living on Purpose Has Had on Her Life, Relationships and Ramah Navajo Project.





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For years, literally, I have been sputtering down the road trying to piece it all together. When I seriously started asking from my heart to understand my purpose I was guided, step by step, from touchstone to touchstone through books, cd’s and seminars where pieces of the puzzle were presented to me.

From taking small actions on the information presented to me a forward momentum developed and then Margaret Merrill’s “Live the Life You Love” appeared in my lap. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Margaret! This work is a blessing.: Your living outline gives Clarity on Values leading to Purpose Described enlivening intuition to immediately sense Life Vision which points directly to what actions need to be begun to create the Life of my Purpose. I’m so grateful to have found you and your work.

Now that your book has been published the Universe will funnel all of us who have been patiently waiting into your lifestream.

Bob Abbenzeller

Dear Purpose Seeker,  
I have confidence in your ability to create the life full of meaning and success that you’ve dreamed of for years. It’s this dream that wakes you from a sound sleep in the middle of the night and demands “Is this all there is? Whatever happened to living a purposeful, successful and fulfilling life? And what about living happily ever after?”


If you were my own brother or sister I would tell you the same thing…

The secret is living true to your purpose. You must determine your purpose or you’ll continue to feel this emptiness inside you because your life’s energies will forever be creating someone else’s goals, someone else’s meaning and someone else’s wealth.


Discovering your purpose may sound as difficult as climbing Mount Everest . Just like Everest, very few have had the ability to figure it out. Only 3 people in 100 set goals. I believe that only 1 in 1000 has an idea of what their purpose is. An even smaller percentage understands how to take that purpose and turn it into meaningful and profitable action.


Mike Dooley

I am certain of this percentage because I have worked with hundreds of people from around the world to set and reach goals. It is the rare individual that understands what their purpose is or how to live their life in alignment with it.

Here's why this is great news for you...

I have developed a simple, step by step process that I reveal in my book, “Live The Life You Love, Discover Your Purpose and Live It With Intention” to help you discover your purpose and then create that life full of meaning and success you’ve only dreamed of.


Hot off the presses and ready for delivery by early January, 2007:


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  As an added bonus I am including with the book a copy of my ecourse,  “Intentional Goal Setting”. This ecourse will demystify the process of taking an idea and creating it as a result. It will also explain why the traditional approach to goal setting is only marginally effective. The flaws inherent in this limited process belittle the goal setter and reduce their results.


In this ecourse you will learn the step-by-step process of how to focus your intention, thereby attracting and creating, with far less effort, the desires of your heart.


How will this benefit you?


You will discover what you truly value and then will learn to live in harmony with those values creating a sense of peace and calmness that will release stress from your life by the trainload.
You will define what your gifts, talents and passions are and learn how these relate to your life’s purpose.
You will clearly define your purpose statement.
You will create a vision for your life using that purpose statement that will add brilliant direction and meaning to every one of your days from this moment forward.
You will expand that purposeful vision into an inspired and intentional action plan that will breathe confidence, happiness, meaning and success into your life.



How Does This Process Help You Create
Purpose-Driven Businesses?


When you determine what your values and passions truly are, Margaret has a talent, honed by years of working with Bob Proctor’s global clients, for helping people from all backgrounds take what matters most to each individual and translate these passions into profitable socially conscious businesses.

Margaret has undisputable evidence of this model in her thriving Oso Vista Ranch Project. It funnels her love for preserving culture and empowering people into a project that serves the Navajo community and also provides a retreat venue for learning and authentic Navajo experiences.

Visit and to experience this rare magic through photos, sound and video.

In 2007 the dream of building a Hogan in New Mexico came to pass. In this video you can watch and listen to the Navajo people talk about the need and benefits of this project as well as a word from Margaret Merrill
- Executive Director, CEO New Vision Seminars, LLC.


What qualifies me to help you?


Having traveled that path myself, combined with my personal love for teaching difficult concepts simply, over twenty years of personal development study and the experience of coaching countless people from around the world to discover and live their purpose, has put me in the perfect position to help you.



See what others are saying about Margaret…


"Living on purpose and living with intention means evolving to be more, live more and express more. It’s through knowing ourselves that we can best serve others. Margaret is a shining example of these principles and lives what she teaches.”

Deborah Naujokas, CEO, Enviro Solutions International

"Before I started working with Margaret I lacked self confidence and I was not sure about my direction in life. I had many options but didn’t know which to pursue. Margaret helped me clarify my path and then develop the tools I needed to launch my coaching business and live my purpose. I’ve also come to understand the extremely valuable and dynamic concept of intention. I would not have learned about this concept through any other area of my life. Through my work with her, I have learned to be an effective communicator, a clear thinker and a much happier person."

Diane Karnuth, CEO, Be Your Best Self, LLC


Margaret Merrill is the only Life Coach that I would recommend, for anyone struggling with life's challenges or direction! When I began working with Margaret I was in grossed and living being a victim. Her insights and observations have inspired me to pursue the life that God intended for me.

Margaret encouraged me to reframe my old negative thoughts into empowering positive thoughts and actions. Margaret also taught me to release memories that so vividly consumed my mind in my adult life. Her compassion, understanding, and teaching have brought a new outlook and joy in my life in such a short space of time. Margaret has reinforced my God given talents and has set me on a path to a more fulfilling life.

I am now experiencing how to be more intuitive and in tune with the spirit within me. Being at peace and growing every day. She is a great Life Coach and a human being. Margaret is the only Life Coach that I would recommend for anyone struggling with life's challenges or direction.

Thanks Margaret's for everything and God Bless.

Christine Beckenham
United Kingdom



Buy it now on


“Live The Life You Love,
Discover Your Purpose and Live It With Intention”

What are people saying about Live the Life You Love?

"Dear Margaret, I have just finished your book and I am in awe. Your work in this book is not only a reflection of your purpose but I believe it is a work that will be considered among the classics in personal development. I envision you touching the lives of millions. It is beautifully written, simple to understand, profoundly inspirational and oozes your love for life. You obviously walk the talk.

I am absolutely going to make it part of my coaching library for my clients. Thank you for the wisdom, knowledge, insight and love that springs forth from the pages. Although I have been living my purpose for years I am reviewing what I am doing and clarifying it further using your process. Thank you for being the beautiful human being you are. What a blessing you are to human kind."

Camille Kocsis
Master Success Coach,
Speaker, Facilitator and Author Successful Living Seminars

“When I think of purpose, three words immediately come to my mind, discovery, understanding and awareness.  In about 100 pages Margaret Merrill in Live the Life you Love, has delivered in my opinion one of the most simplistic and impacting books I have ever read in the area of life's purpose.

Find a quiet place, grab a pen, open your mind like a parachute and get ready for change.”

William Todd, Nikken Royal Diamond Wellness Consultant

“If you haven't found your purpose, take Margaret's hand and let her help you find it."

Cristina Carlino, CEO, Philosophy

Bob Proctor“You are embarking on a journey into meaning.  Page by page, Margaret Merrill will lead you into the deep … provoking you to become totally honest with yourself. 

As she causes you to develop a new perception of purpose and values in your life, you will become acutely aware that an individual who has never defined their life’s purpose, nor chosen their values is living like a minnow in the shallows … never expressing or adding deep meaning to their days.”

Bob Proctor, CEO, Life Success Productions

"Margaret has a talent for taking complex concepts and making them easy to understand and use. This book is a simple, yet powerful way for anyone to access clarity from the chaos. It gives you a rich opportunity to surrender to yourself. This is not a book you will leave on the shelf; it calls you into action right now. Go for it!”

Lucy Morris, President, Phoenix Possibilities Inc

“Margaret Merrill’s book is fabulous. It’s a must read for anyone interested in personal development.”

Bob Banovac
CEO West Pac Properties/ RB Homes

“Conversational, concise, and introspective. Margaret Merrill has certainly opened the door for those seeking purpose and balance in life. Her encouraging and warm approach, coupled with expert advice will certainly leave you chomping at the bit, ready to get started!”

Michael J. Vandermark, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, The International Coaching and Training Institute

“Okay, I’m ready to discover my purpose and live a more fulfilled life!”

If you are saying this, you are in the right place at the right time and I’m certain you are here by design. Download my book right now and let’s get started.

It is my goal to help you build a solid foundation for thinking that will support your healthy move from discontent to content, breaking the code on the questions, "Why am I here?" "Isn't there more to life than this?" and "How do I create meaning that outlives me?"

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“I want to find out more about coaching with Margaret.”

If you want to know more about coaching with me personally, I do accept a limited number of clients. Click here to find out more.  

Let me share my expertise so you, too, can discover what your life’s purpose is and how to live it to the fullest, creating a life you love bursting with inspired success.


Margaret Merrill
“Creating Direction That Inspires Passion”

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P.P.S. Allow me to not only help you discover your purpose, but also to facilitate a plan for you to live it, creating a life full of direction, passion and meaning.



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