One-On-One Purposeful Living Coaching

In 12-one hour telephone sessions I will lead you personally through this life-changing process.





Through twelve sessions with me, you will:


  • Build the mental framework essential for creating change.
  • Determine your values and learn how to center yourself in them to create a peaceful and authentic life in which you live in integrity with yourself.
  • Identify your strengths, passions and talents and then learn how to build a life doing what you love to do.
  • Discover how your life’s purpose is a natural outgrowth of your values and passions and then determine your own individual life’s purpose statement.
  • Create a vision for your life based on this purpose.
  • Establish the intentional process to carry your purpose actively into your life.
  • Brainstorm potential philanthropic and business projects, investments and leadership opportunities to carry your life’s purpose forward.

Here Is The Four-Step PDEE Process (Purpose Discovery Expansion and Expression Process) That I Will Use With You To Support You In Discovering Your Purpose:


Values Anchoring Survey

Through this process you will determine what you value most and then understand how to anchor these values actively in your life.


Benefit-When you live true to your values, your self-worth grows, allowing greater self-expression.


GTP Questionnaire (Gifts, Talents and Passions)

 This guided questioning process allows you to discover your gifts, talents and passions. This self-awareness is the basis for determining your purpose.


Benefit-Expressing your gifts, talents and passions will give you great joy. When you love to do something and do it well, you open yourself to creative inspiration and meaningful living.


Purpose Distillation Process


Using the four-part Knowlton method (Essential Action, Central Concern, Beneficiary, and Intended Impact) you, in your role as Purpose Seeker, take the results from the Values Anchoring Survey and the Gifts, Talents and Passions Questionnaire and apply them to this step-by-step process resulting in a clear, concise purpose statement.


Benefit-When this process is thoughtfully and successfully completed, you will have created a thoughtful and personal purpose statement from which to guide your life.


Purpose Centered Visioning

This visioning process shows you how you can effectively carry your purpose forward into your life. Through this guided process you, in the role of Purpose Seeker, will create a written vision for your life.


Benefit- Beginning with the end in mind is the best practice possible to creating your desired outcome.



Here Is The Four-Step Process That I Will Use In The Additional Four Calls to Support You In Creating Your Purpose Centered Project….


*     Purpose Based Think-Tank-This process creatively uses guided imagery and brainstorming process to create a list of possible Purpose Centered Projects.


*     Purpose Centered Visioning-This expansion process supports you in beginning with the end in mind. You choose one idea from your Project Think-Tank list and I’ll help you create a vision statement that will guide you in creating focused action as you move inspirationally toward that end result. Imagination is key to the power of this process.


*     Purpose Based Goal Achieving-A specific and measurable goal statement is developed that is based on giving quality service to the beneficiaries you determined in your Purpose Statement. Prosperity is the natural outgrowth of this service-centered process.


*     Purpose Centered Project Planning-This process uses a project timeline, supporting you in creating successful and focused benchmark goals and purposeful daily action to create certain success.


No One Has Put Together A Comprehensive Purpose Discovery and Development System Like This!


It’s just not out there! I’m sure of it! I recently had a financial planner tell me he searched for six months for what I’m offering. He was thrilled to find someone who had the system and experience to take people successfully through this process.


This material is worth millions to you!


You will now have the keys to creating a life that you love every minute of every day. You also will become far more effective in creating the prosperity you desire because when you’re living your purpose, inspiration follows you, attracting to you every support you need to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Twenty years from now, you will be doing one of two things: either looking back at a life well-lived OR wondering how your life would have been different had you taken the opportunity you have in your hands right now.


Don’t live by regrets.


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