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Margaret Merrill has been dedicated to changing lives for over 30 years. Growing up in New York State, the forth of six children, Margaret was always a bit different. She loved the ethnic communities that thrived within her hometown and craved a deeper understanding of different cultures.

This thirst for knowledge, that she intrinsically knew came from travel, drew her to the Ramah Navajo Reservation in New Mexico to complete her student teaching requirement as an art teacher.

She fell in love with the children that openly taught her about the practical and ceremonial uses of the plants that grew in the high-desert mountains and accepted a teaching position at this fascinating self-determined school. It was at this school that she stayed and taught for over twenty years.

During this time Margaret began her own quest for personal development. Years of study led her to train with Bob Proctor to facilitate his successful programs. It wasn’t long before Bob asked her to join his staff and assist in coaching his global clients in goal achievement.

It was here that Margaret made the discovery that changed her life. Across the globe, those who had discovered their purpose and were living it intentionally were far more effective at goal achievement. In a desire to help Bob’s clients she developed a process to help any person live purposefully. As a result, she authored a book on discovering and living your life’s purpose. Interestingly, it was through honing the process for this book that Margaret defined her own purposeful journey and began her quest to help preserve culture and create empowerment programs for the Navajo Community that she loved.

Margaret was given the vision of building a Hogan, a traditional Navajo log structure, on her ranch in New Mexico. This Hogan has now become the cultural, healing and learning center for Oso Vista Ranch Project which Margaret founded. Its mission is to provide and environment for the Ramah Navajo Community and people of the world to authentically experience the richness, teachings and healing of Navajo culture, gain empowered personal awareness and increased global understanding. To learn more about the project go to www.osovistaranchproject.org

Her dedication to preserving culture, living a balanced, healthy life and the community’s youth merged with the creation of Oso Vista Ranch Project’s culturally competent tobacco cessation and prevention programs. These programs are based on the traditional Navajo Mountain Smoke Ceremony and are facilitated by area medicine man, Howard Adeky.

The beautiful outgrowth facilitated through this project is cultural pride that has empowered the adults and elders to reach out to learn about, teach and preserve their precious culture. Throughout the winter months Navajo elders teach, tell stories and sing traditional songs. Both the Ramah Navajo community and global traveler are invited to these events. www.osovistaranch.com

Margaret also offers powerful purpose discovery weekends at Oso Vista Ranch where you will have the opportunity to experience this project first-hand. To find out more about these weekends go to www.fulfillyourpurpose.com





Margaret Merrill

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